Chiropractic for Athletes


Do you want to perform at your best?

Do you want to take every step possible to prevent injuries?

Do you want the edge on your opponent?

Wether you are 20 and looking to take the next step to prepare for a professional career or you 5 and playing on your first soccer team, one of the most essential components to your success is the balance for your nervous system.  Is is vital that for the brain to be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with the muscles, vital organs, and joints to help prevent injuries and increase performance.  When your body, spine and nervous system is out of balance then you drastically increase your risk of injury, decrease function in muscles, and decrease the bodies ability for joints to function properly.  


I worked with the Allen Wranglers IFL football team for 2 seasons.  Half way through the 1st season the coach came to me and asked what is was doing to his players.  This caught me off guard for a second and I asked "What do you mean?"  He said, "Well normally he has several players out with minor injuries at this point in the season and he's not seeing that at all this season."  I explained the reason i'm coming out with my table before every home game and recommending that the players come in once a week to get re aligned. I explained how that helps keep the nervous system functioning better and in turn allows for better performance and less incidence of injury.  He said "You know I never thought of it that way.  I've always sent my players to chiropractors after an injury, but never have thought of it as a preventative method of care."  I was amazing working with the team and seeing the care work in action!  

Wether you are a weekend warrior, have a child in recreational sports, or are a professional athlete looking for an edge, get your nervous system checked.  Click the link below to request a complimentary consultation with Dr. James.  

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